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T or F : EVs cost more than gas powered cars? - The Electric Vehicle

Credits and Rebates are dwindling.  Check for the current status in your state.  


Determine the cost of driving your chosen electric vehicle (EV) compared to your chosen gas powered car.


A = Miles per gallon you get on the gas powered car you wish to compare.

B = Current price per gallon of your preferred gas.

C = Price of kWH when you would be charging your car at home.  You might have an EV rate available so check with your electric company.  If you are using a solar source like your own solar panel system or a community program add or subtract as appropriate for your kWH cost.

# = Number of miles the EV you are comparing gets per kWH.  Ask the dealer.

Questions you want to solve for:

Y = kWH needed to drive as far as a gallon of gas would take you.

N = Cost of driving your chosen EV comparison car as far as a gallon of gas in the gas powered car being compared.

D = Money saved driving the same distance in an EV as on a gallon of gas in a gas powered vehicle.

P = Number of miles the EV gets per virtual gallon of gas.


          A / #  = Y kWH

Y kWH x C = N

          N - B = D

    (B / N) A = P

Example:  Tesla 2015 Model S

A = My former Volvo got 24 miles per gallon

B = Current price of gas in Berkeley at Chevron $4.60 / gallon (updated May 31, 2021)

C = EV rate of charge for July 12, 2019 at 11 PM to 7 PM (off-peak) .12753 cents per kWH

3 = Estimated number of Miles my Tesla Model S drive per kWH.  For Tesla milage can vary depending on outside temperature (colder uses more miles) and use of AC or other electric amenities.

     24 / 3  = Y kWH = 8

     8  kWH x  .12753 = 1.02024

            $1.02 - $4.60 = <$3.58>  Dollars I save every 24 miles.

    ( $4.60/ $1.02 ) 24 =  I get 108.23 miles per virtual gallon driving my Tesla

This changes, of course, whenever the price of gasoline or kWHs changes.  When I'm visiting in Washington state, where electricity is .107 cents all the time a kWH over 600 kWH per month and gasoline today at Chevron is $3.69 a gallon, I get 103.4 miles per virtual gallon.

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